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Program Details

  • Over 16 hours of video content
  • Study at your own pace
  • Community group to ask questions
  • Notes on 400+ raw materials
  • Guides for 100+ accords
  • 28 example formulas

This program is for…

Passionate creators looking to fully unlock their potential with techniques for creating unique smell combinations

Motivated students who are willing to put in the practical work required to master the craft of perfumery

Aspiring indie perfumers looking to learn how to create professional smelling perfumes, perhaps one day even sell them

Unlock the lessons from 5 years of perfumery experience in one easy to consume course designed to require less than 3 months of guided self-study.

Take a look at the full program content:

Introductory primers
  • The path of the perfumer
  • Tools & Equipment for perfumery
  • Alcohol & other media
  • Math for perfumery
  • Chemistry for perfumery
  • IFRA & Safety
Section 1: Learning the raw materials
  • Types of raw materials explained
  • How to learn your raw materials like a professional
  • Categorising your raw materials
  • Compendium of information on raw materials by category
  • Study plan
Section 2: Creating accords & bases
  • Introduction to accords & bases
  • Complete overview of formulation & blending
  • Detailed guide to the floral accords
  • Detailed guide to the fruity accords
  • Compendium of accords
  • Researching how to make any accord
Section 3: Composing perfumes
  • Introduction to perfumes & fixatives
  • Superpower raw materials for perfumes
  • Study of perfume formulas through the ages
  • How to study and learn from existing perfumes
  • Guide to perfume creation & advanced theory
  • Production & business considerations

The only perfumery course you'll ever need...

  • Professionally inspired

This course has been modeled on how professional perfumers are taught in order to give you the foundational understanding you would need to become a master perfumer with practice

  • See real perfume formulas

The course includes study formulas closely modelled off of real perfume formulas such as Baccarat Rouge 540 and Aventus, in order to demonstrate how modern perfumes are put together

  • Advanced creative theory

I share my creative techniques and considerations for perfume composition which have not previously been shared on my YouTube channel

  • Save raw materials costs

The course teaches how to save up to 10x on your raw materials costs compared to other perfumery courses

  • Create any accord

Techniques are given for researching any accord. The course comes with a compendium of guides for a large number of floral & fruity accords, including deep dives into Rose, Jasmine, Orange blossom, Lily of the Valley and Violet with example formulas

  • Community group

The course includes access to a private community, meaning you can discuss perfumery with likeminded, serious perfumery students, keep yourself accountable and even get answers from me personally on your questions


What raw materials will I need to follow along?

The course covers a lot of information which will be useful regardless of whether you follow along with our raw materials list or your own. The course is designed so that you can still follow along with your own collection of raw materials, even if it's small.

Over 400 raw materials are mentioned in the course, but it's not suggested that you purchase all of these. A list of the 117 raw materials used in formulas in the course is provided below. Having this collection will allow you to get the most out of the course since you'll be able to follow along with all of the formulas.

Most of the formulas are in the history of perfume structures module and some raw materials are only used in one formula. This means you can purchase the raw materials at your own pace and leave some of the formulas for later.

Struggling to source the raw materials on the list?

Perfumer's Apprentice (one of the main perfumery raw materials suppliers for hobbyists) have provided us with a convenient way to add all of the raw materials on the list to your shopping cart with only a few clicks. This means you can estimate the costs of purchasing the raw materials & shipping costs:

What else will I need other than the raw materials?

The tools & equipment for perfumery primer module explains exactly what you'll need to follow along with the course. You can purchase a starter kit from The Fragrance Foundry (below) which includes everything you'll need.

You'll also need Perfumer's alcohol. We cover exactly what to look for in the guide to alcohol and media primer module.

Do I need to know Math / Chemistry for the course?

No, introduction to Math and Chemistry for perfumery primer modules are included which are designed to explain everything you need to know in an easy to understand way.

Does the course cover making fragrances for X product?

The course is all about creative perfumery for alcoholic perfumes (fine fragrances). While many of the skills will be transferrable to other media (e.g. perfume for reed diffusers, soaps, candles etc.), the course does not cover perfumery for those alternative media.

Can I take the course if I don't speak English?

The course is given over video (not written documents) in English only. Other languages are not officially supported. However, the videos are hosted on Vimeo and it is possible to translate the automatic subtitles into your own language using the free Vimeo Subtitle Translator extension for the Google Chrome web browser. You can test this out on the free primer module video above before purchasing the course. There are some mistakes in the subtitles, but despite this, some non-English speaking students have found success following the course with this method.

Still not sure if the course is right for you?

Watch the first module for free below:

Primer module 1: The path of the perfumer